Connect your television

Televisie aansluiten

Connect your tv with a HDMI cable for the best HD image quality.

HDMI aansluiten

Connect TV with HDMI
(high definition)

Connect your television with the supplied, high worthy HDMI cable in order to enjoy the best image and sound quality. Nowadays most televisions are equipped with one ore more HDMI connections. Both sound and images are being transmitted to your television by HDMI in high definition.

Scart aansluiten

Connect TV with SCART
(standard definition)

The CST tank receiver is also equipped with a SCART connection. Older televisions can often only be connected with a SCART cable because they don’t contain an HDMI connection. In case your television doesn’t offer an HDMI connection connect the television with SCART. This is not prefered.

SPDIF aansluiten

S/PDIF connection

The S/PDIF connection can be used to transmit digital audio signal (Dolby Digital) to your television or amplifier. You can truly enjoy the best sound quality by connecting an S/PDIF cable to the S/PDIF connection. The S/PDIF cable is not included.


Connect with YpPbPr (HD)

With a seperate available YpPbPr cable you are able to connect your television. YpPbPr can be used for the transmission of video signal to your television. Audio can be transmitted by S/PDIF or the audio components (left/right).

Componenten aansluiten

Connect TV via tulp (SD)

The receiver is also equipped with component (tulp) connections. Connect the colored plugs to the corresponding connections on your receiver and television. Connecting your television with the video composite is not prefered.