Coolstream Tank

Coolstream Tank

Coolstream Tank

Revolutionary design, unlimited possibilities and razor sharp images. The Coolstream Tank is a sublime receiver with unparalleled recording capabilities. The Neutrino HD system delivers very stable performance.

Full HD CST tank

Phenomenal HD image quality

The Coolstream Tank offers amazing HD images. By combining the right hardware components the image processing of the receiver is exceptional. Movies and television broadcasts are at their best in HD quality. You and your family can enjoy crisp clear images. The image quality of SD channels (both MPEG2 and MPEG4) is remarkably as well.

Plug and play tuners

The Coolstream Tank is a powerfull high-end Full-HD mediarecorder that can be used for the reception of satellite or cable television. The Coolstream Tank can be fitted with four tuners. Two of them are optional exchangeable plug and play tuners for cable (DVB-C) or satellite (DVB-S2). The receiver has 2 fixed DVB-S2 tuners

Volwaardige PVR

Unmatched recording possibilities

The recording capabilities of the Coolstream Tank are unmatched. Record up to maximal 8 programs simultaneously or make use of timeshift or the timeshift recording (TSR) functionality (Pause live broadcast (timeshift) and create recording from that point). Permanent timeshift can be enabled or disabled.

Stijlvol ontwerp

Stylish design

The design of the Coolstream Tank is very elegant. The front panel is sophisticated and finished with beautiful details. The standby button on the front of the receiver is LED lit. In the menu of the receiver, you can set the LED characteristics. The design of the menu’s can be adjusted to your personal desire as well. Font sizes can be increased and colors can be changed.


Enjoy many radio channels

Besides the television modus the Coolstream Tank offers a radio modus that enables you to listen to many radio channels. In addition to the standard radio channels there are many internet radio channels for you to enjoy. The Icecast application enables you to play thousands of MP3 radiostreams. The receiver needs to be connected to the internet.

Timers instellen


Never miss your favorite programs anymore by setting a timer. The Coolstream Tank will automatically record or zap to the channel of your desire at the right moment. You can set record or zap timers in the timer menu. It is also possible to set a timer while using the EPG.

Coolstream Tank rearside

Control the STB with your PC

Connect the receiver to the internet in order to make use of the (Yweb) interface. The Coolstream Tank will receive an IP adress that can be used to connect your receiver with your personal computer. Control and setup the receiver with the webbrowser on your PC.

Watch your photo’s

Many photo camera’s use an SD card. The SD card reader of the Coolstream Tank can be used to display your personal photo’s (.JPG) on your television. It is very easy to show all your holiday photo’s to your family without having to transfer the photo’s to a computer first.

Single & Multi EPG

The electronical program guide displays the broadcast schedule. Neutrino HD offers a Single and Multi EPG. The single EPG displays the schedule of a single channel. In the Multi EPG a timeline will be displayed. The broadcast schedule of several channels is shown.

Favorite lists

Create as much favorite lists as you like. The first favorite list will determine the channel order. favorite lists can easily be created in the menu of the receiver or through the (Yweb) web interface. To make use of the web interface an internet connection is required.

HD Picture in Picture

The Neutrino HD operating system offers an unique “HD Picture in Picture” function. The “HD Picture in Picture (PIP) function enables you to watch two HD programs (both scrambled and Free-To-Air) at the same time.

Youtube video’s

Connect the receiver to the internet in order to enjoy a huge variety of Youtube video’s. You can select the most popular, most valued, most recent or fill in the search field.

Most important features

• Full HD (1080P) excellent image quality
• 4 tuners (2 DVB-S2 + 2 PnP tuners)


• Remote control unit
• Manual (EN/DE/NL)

Image / Screen

Image Quality: Full HD (1080P)
Display: 256x64 dot matrix OLED display

Technical features

Operating system: Neutrino HD (Linux)
Processor: ARM Cortex-A9 1250DMIPS
Cardreader: Two internal Conax card readers
CI slot: Yes, one common interface

Physical characteristics

Size STB: 6x36x23 cm (height x width x depth)
Weight: Approximately 2,9kg


4 in total (2x DVB-S2 + 2x PnP DVB-S2 or DVB-C)
YpPbPr: Yes
Scart: Yes
Video/audio component: Yes
USB 2.0: 3 (1x front, 2x rear)
Ethernet: Yes
RS-232: Yes
Spdif: Yes
E-Sata: Yes
RJ11: No

Power supply

Power switch: Yes
Power supply: external [email protected]
Stand-by: Yes
Max. power usage: .. Watt
Power usage in standby < 0,5 Watt